So you like my work? Yay!

Okay, real talk. I don't know you, but I already love you FOR THE FOLLOWING: 

just inquiring with me, thinking about choosing me, wanting to trust me!

So, YES, I want to be there for your day, I would be HONORED and I would PROTECT your day and MEMORIES with all I have!

But - I do about 60-80 weddings a year and I, sadly, turn down

about 20-30 weddings a year.

I have been told, I don't charge enough, but you know what? Those people aren't running my business and meeting you! So its more for me!

So Yes, I probably post about 30% of the work I do, sorry I am trying to become a Social Media creature, really, I am!

And, yes, I work really hard and I WANT to work hard for you! 

Please Send me your details and your budget and I will see what I can do!

Send Me The Details

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