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Why Are Your Prices So Low?

The Short Version:

We are very experienced and give great quality but we LOVE this "job." We are also a debt-free due to Dave Ramsey Ideology, lots of hard work, and a Christian view on money.

The Long Version: 

We are a debt-free company and debt-free couple who love this field!

Basically, we are not starving/thirsty for work because we are not "under" anything we have purchased. We do not buy anything on credit and have paid real cash for all we own. This means we are not "under" our business nor "paying anything off" in our personal lives either. 

We also, live well below our income and have for a long time. This gives us great freedom in our prices and our lives! So we choose to do what we LOVE!

How Do I Book You For My Date?

We charge a $200 deposit per service - and we have you sign our wedding agreement to save your date and price! *Only $150 of the deposit is non-refundable.

How Is Sales Tax Calculated?

Amoretti Films is licensed by and follows Utah State law and thus charges 7.15% sales tax on each transaction.

How Do We Pay You?

We prefer fee-free based pay services, that takes cards, such as Venmo & Facebook Pay. For Pay Pal we charge a 2.9% fee on the total because they charge us a fee.

What Is Your Turn Around For Video & Photos?

For Photos: 7 - 10 business days or 1-3 Months if Summer wedding date or blemishes in each photo. For Video: 3-6 Months. If needed by a certain date our Express Option is available. 

What Are Your Travel Fees?

We are based in Lehi, Utah and we charge .50 cents a mile for any location that is more than 45 miles away. 

About Us

We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for:

• SAVING couples MONEY

• Making beautiful photos and videos :) 

• Meeting wonderful couples and their families

• Giving our couples exactly what they are looking for.

We would LOVE to be there for you on your special day! 

Photo By Ryan Chai